We created a custom plan to make sure your website is updated, backed up and protected.

The long and short of it is – if you don’t have a security plan in place for your website, eventually YOU WILL GET HACKED. Hacks and breaches come in all shapes and sizes and can have devastating effects on your site, server and the way your site displays on Google. So, having found this out the hard way with numerous sites, we’ve created a custom security plan for all our clients to help maintain the site, protect it, keep it backed up and reported on!



1) Maintenance & Updates

Keeping your site updated, maintained, cleaned and running smooth and quick.

  • WordPress & theme monitored & updated
  • Site cleared and optimized weekly
  • Plugins monitored and updated

2) Firewall Security

Your site is scanned daily. The firewall is a security net stopping hackers, bad bots and spam.

  • Website firewall protection
  • Daily scanning
  • Hackers & spam denied
  • Reports on what’s been blocked

3) Website Backups

Your site is backed up weekly in multiple locations and can be restored at any time in a jiffy.

  • Weekly website backups
  • On-site & off-site backup locations
  • Weekly points for quick restores

4) Custom Reports

Monthly page views and site traffic reports and full training on understanding Google Analytics.

  • Monthly google analytics report of page views, site stats, etc
  • Walk-thru on viewing and understanding your stats

Choose The Plan That’s Right For You!

The Good Plan


Weekly Backup of website
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Security Checks
Performance Checks
Uptime Monitoring


The Great Plan


1 Hour of updates per month
Weekly Backup of website
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Security Checks
Performance Checks
Uptime Monitoring
Monthly Client Reports


The Custom Plan


+ Great Plan
√ Weekly Updates
√ Daily Updates
√ Bi-Weekly Updates
Email Blasts
Social Media


• We offer a price break for multiple sites
• Annual security plan offered at $550/yr ($50 savings)

• Hosting + Security options available

*no contract, no initiation or termination fee*

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