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Our Favorite Productivity Tools of 2017

We live in a day and age where everything has become digital. We talk to people digitally, we do our research digitally, and we even plan our weeks digitally. It can be difficult to know at times which tools will best suit your needs. Whether you’re constantly on the...

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Our Favorite Creativity Tools of 2017

In the world of digital marketing, new resources are created and discovered daily. It can be challenging at times to figure out what tool does what, and which tool is going to be best for you and your projects. Here at Launchbay Creative, there are five different...

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Migrating a site from Bluehost to Cloudways

Step 1: Go to Application Management Tap on “Applications” on the top menu bar and then select your target application from the list. Step 2: Mapping Your Primary Domain In this step we will make sure that your deployed Cloudways application knows which website name...

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A Lit Christmas!

Seasons greetings from Launchbay Creative! We wanted to wish everyone a very merry creative Christmas this year and we’re celebrating the best way we know how, with an awesome Christmas playlist.

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How to access your account

If we have built you a website or have sent you an invoice, you now have an electronic space where all of that information is stored for your records. You can find it by going to our homepage. In the menu, you will see a link that says “Login.” Start by clicking here. *We recommend you bookmark this page so you can get back to it quickly again in the future.

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A beginners guide to launching your dreams

I suspect that many of us often have great ideas, but how many of those ideas actually come to fruition? When I am sitting around a dinner table or hanging out with friends I hear people say, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we did this..." or "Why hasn't anyone done this...

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Email Client Configuration

Email Settings Mail Server Username: myname@mywebsite.com Standard (without SSL) This is the most common setting you will use, you will know this is you if your website is http and NOT https. Incoming Mail Server: mail.mywebsite.com Supported Ports: 143 (IMAP), 110...

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Setting up your Email to win

We recommend using Google Business Apps for checking mail this is a paid service but it streamlines your workflow and really becomes a great home base for email, documents and collaborative files. Launchbay Creative can help you set this up and integrate your webmail...

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To Infinity and Beyond!

Mission Report Since the inception of Launchbay Creative in February, we have launched 9 websites! (Don't know what Launchbay Creative is, read more) We have been working with brand new startups and people who are passionate about their brands. We have loved working...

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